Your Personal Body Guard© May Be Controlling Your Life

There are 2 major reasons that people do not live their dreams:

  1. they don’t know what it is
  2. They allow fear to stop them

Fear itself is not a bad thing. Fear motivates you to avoid real danger.
Real danger can be physical, like the threat of falling from a high surface.
It can be emotional, such as the embarrassment you will experience if you said or did something contrary to your core values.
It could also be financial – your intuition may tell you not to sign the agreement to purchase a house because it sensed a problem in the foundation.
When it deals with real danger it would be a good idea to listen to it and check out its warnings.

However, we run into trouble when we allow fear to stop us from doing something where there is no real danger, only imagined danger.

Fear of making mistakes, taking a risk or standing up for yourself are actions that may trigger your fears.

These fears will be justified by messages like “You can’t do that – who do you think you are?” or “What will people think of you if you got into that industry?” and “You aren’t smart enough to succeed”.

These messages often come to you in quiet whispers.
I call this part of yourself, your Personal Body Guard©. It is responsible for keeping you safe. It is that small voice that chatters away a thousand times a day yet only delivers a handful of messages in different ways.
It does not want to harm you. Its only concern is for your safety.

Imagine your Personal Body Guard© to be very similar to the one protecting the President of the United States. The president depends on him to keep him safe in the White House, when he is away on international affairs as well as when he is on his personal time.
That is the body guard’s job and it is the only thing the president relies on him for.

Imagine, how silly it would look, if the president asked his personal body guard for advice about interest rates adjustments or creating a new economic program or diplomatic relations. The president has other experts in their field that he relies upon for these matters. He would never even ask for his personal body guard’s advice concerning these issues.

Yet, many people do just that with their own Personal Body Guard© much of the time.
When they want to venture out into a new area they allow their Personal Body Guard© to stop them even though they are in no real danger.

One reason is because we don’t pay attention to who is doing the talking.
We think that just because we hear that little voice in our head that it must be right.

The key to remember is that your Dream has nothing to do with your safety.
Your Dream of how you want to live your life is rooted in the core of your soul.

I call this part of yourself, your True Self©.
There is a constant struggle between your True Self© and your Personal Body Guard©.
There are many ways to break this pattern and start living more from your True Self©.

My challenge to you is to start becoming aware of who is doing the talking the next time you hear those whispers inhibiting you from doing what you want to do or keeping you stuck in old patterns.
Just notice if it is coming from your Personal Body Guard© or from your True Self©.

You will be amazed by how often we act out of our old conditioned habits. However by merely noticing this, you are in effect breaking the pattern.


To Your Getting Back In Balance,

Samuel Gerstein, M.D.

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