Do you have symptoms of work-stress related illness?

Work Stress Test
Are you bored at work?
Have you become cynical?
Do you find yourself worrying a lot?
Do small things that were once merely a distraction now irritate you?
Are you suffering from more frequent colds, headaches and/or other aches?
Is your work performance suffering?
Do you find yourself pulling away from significant relationships?
Do you have crying spells for no apparent reason?
Have you lost your sex drive?
Have you begun feeling inadequate?
Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure in the last 5 years?
Are you using more alcohol, tobacco or non-prescription drugs to alleviate the symptoms?
Do you feel rage or uncontrolled grief?
Do you find that your concentration and memory has become so poor that you can no longer perform your duties at work?
Have you had a recent diagnosis of heart disease, stroke, asthma, or ulcers??
Do you have suicidal or homicidal thoughts?