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Is Your Life Out of Balance?

In the last article I focused on the short-term strategies to raising your Resilience when faced with issues that stress you in the fourth quadrant of the Four Quadrant Approach to reducing your Stress Gap©.

Remember the Stress… Continue reading

Raising Your Resilience

Using Short-Term Solutions in the Power Quadrant

In the last article, I introduced the Four Quadrant Approach to reduce your Stress Gap©.
I defined the Stress Gap© as the GAP between the Demand placed on you and… Continue reading

Use the Power Quadrant© to Begin Reducing Your Work Stress Level

What is Stress?

One person’s stress is another person’s exciting adventure.
Think of the late Steve Irwin, aka the Crocodile Hunter. He found chasing and wrestling crocodiles exciting and adventuresome, yet I would be very stressed having a crocodile within… Continue reading

Your Personal Body Guard© May Be Controlling Your Life

There are 2 major reasons that people do not live their dreams:

  1. they don’t know what it is
  2. They allow fear to stop them

Fear itself is not a bad thing. Fear motivates you to avoid real danger.
Real danger… Continue reading

Welcome to Dr. Samuel Gerstein’s Official Website & Blog

Welcome to Dr. Sam Gerstein’s official psychotherapy website.

Here you can learn more about the doctor, read his helpful articles, listen to mp3 recordings and watch some videos on psychotherapy.

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