Who is Doctor Samuel Gerstein?

Dr. Gerstein is a medical doctor and a GP Psychotherapist with over twenty years’ experience helping people with their physical and mental challenges.Having examined over 70,000 patients as an emergency physician, Dr. Gerstein has witnessed first-hand the toll that work stress takes on people’s health.This includes:

  • Physical issues like frequent colds and illnesses, chronic headaches, neck and back pains, high blood pressure, stomach ailments and heart disease to name a few.
  • Emotional disorders like increased fear, anger, general anxiety and depression.
  • Relational breakdowns such as isolation oneself in withdrawal, arguments, tension
  • Behavioural changes like smoking, alcohol and other addictions, avoidance reactions
  • Mental changes like poor self-image, impairment of concentration and memory, which is affecting your work performance
About Dr. Samuel Gerstein | Sam Gerstein, M.D. Canadian Psychotherapist

Dr. Sam Gerstein

Being dissatisfied with the current treatment, and after finding a paucity of information on work satisfaction and health, Dr. Gerstein undertook his own independent research study under the direction of his company, Dreams For Real Inc., which he began in March, 2001.

He interviewed over 200 people who were living their dreams at work.
Some of the insights gained from this innovative research is revealed in his book,
Live Your Dreams: Doctor’s Orders.

The research motivated Dr. Gerstein to open his own psychotherapy practice. Making career adjustments and life transitions are difficult enough by themselves and harder to do alone.

Dr. Gerstein assists others in overcoming limiting beliefs  and in discovering and doing what they really want in life. A Dream Career has been proven to not only improve a person’s state of mind but also one’s physical health.

Dr. Gerstein has the Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Certification and is an Master Neuro-Linguitic Programming (NLP) practitioner. He uses family of origin work, psychodynamics, ‘feeling’ meditations, visualizations, role playing as well as his vast experience in Emergency Medicine to help people identify and take action on overcoming their obstacles help with essay.

Having several tools in his mental health tool box allows him to customize his therapy to each client in his practice. Dr. Gerstein has also facilitated workshops in both the U.S. and Canada.