Why Use Psychotherapy?

The “Work Competition Game” is Deeply Flawed

When you “win” the work competition race, you often lose. That’s because most people keep repeating the old, outdated definition of what “success” is.

What is the Stress Response?

Most people believe that an annoying boss, disapproving partner or
taking a risk make us feel stressed. However many times these merely
trigger our internal stress response.
Watch the video and learn how this works…

A Simple Explanation to How Your Brain Really Works

Did you ever wonder why people often don’t do what they want to do?
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Many people feel stressed these days. The world is changing so fast and most people struggle with knowing where they fit into this changing world. It can get overwhelming if you don’t understand yourself.

So what is psychotherapy used for?

Most people who have come to see me have, to varying degrees, often learned how to do their job, learned something about money, understand how to shop to get good value and have made some friends over the years. They may have even achieved some sort of status by accomplishing some goals. You are taught about money, education, friendships and careers. But very few have been taught about:

  • Yourself – who you are and what makes you unique
  • What should you do with your life?
  • Your emotions and how to use them to guide you through life.

This is what I do.

I help people get in touch with their True Selves and understand their own strengths and unique gifts. Many people come to me looking for a great career, happiness, financial success or love. They focus on what is “out there” thinking that will make them happy.

It is a paradox – the more they focus on the external the more it eludes them. Conversely, when they focus internally and really understand themselves and their strengths, those external rewards come easier.

To many, psychotherapy can sound daunting and scary. But you have to be aware that I am not here to judge you. I am no better than my clients. I have seen so much trauma and pain in my years in the ER that I can empathize with my clients who share with me what they went through.

Why See Me?

I see my role as guiding you gently back to your true nature – the one you were born with and the one that society and your upbringing has restricted. The number one thing that stops you from living authentically is FEAR! Many people have been living in fear for so long that they forgot who they truly are. Fear and avoidance have become such an ingrained habit that it is difficult to see the trees through the forest.

In therapy you will learn to face your fears and return to your natural birthright of feeling free to be your self – your True Self. It isn’t easy. It requires work on the client’s part. But I will guide you in a nonjudgmental way through this forest. In this way psychotherapy can be an awakening and one of the most rewarding and fulfilling journeys you will ever take in life.

Live life from your True Self,

Dr. Sam

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